Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"BREVITY IS THE SOUL OF LINGERIE" ~ We heard Dorothy Parker say . . .

"Brevity is the Soul of Lingerie"

Dorothy Parker flounced 

to Absolutely*Kate's favourite classy dames . . . 

Gathered they were, to wax eloquent and often ~

of feminine wit and wisdom

 and sultry secrets through their ages 

Calling Femme Authors
for brilliant Brevities on ~


In quip-stylistics of Dorothy Parker, Mae West, 
Zelda Fitzgerald, (to name a few, but YOU have your faves too)
or memorable movie-speak, lyric-croon, 
hunk of haiku, phrase o'prose, or even
proclamations your Mother bade you . . .

We wish what you can dish ~

Make it snippets and blurbs,
womanly thoughts and desires,
cool dame classic one-liners, or
sweet nothings which pack passion -
to whisper soft or yelp "ZOWIE!" in the night.


Easy. Breezy.

Sign up in THE SALON
 along the right wall.

We'll send you the full info.

You'll choose your own topics.

And the universe shall encourage
 your good goddess moxie mind
to let loose and fly fancy free.

The beguine of this fun
has just begun.

~ Absolutely*Kate,

and the imagined spirits of ~ 
Dorothy Parker, Mae West, Zelda Fitzgerald,
Wilma Flinstone, Jane Jetson, Beaver Cleaver's mother June, Richie Cunningham's mom Marion, Franny of Franny & Zooey, Katie Scarlett O'Hara, Lucy Magillicutty Ricardo, Ethel Mertz, Thelma, Louise 
. . . yeah, you get the picture.

Happy February
 Lovin' Days.

Remember to be frightened or enchanted at Lily Childs' dark presentation of the annual, well-acclaimed FEMME FATALES, goin' on and spinnin' round all the days that are February. 

Do Enjoy.  Tell Lily's gals, "Absolutely*Kate sent me!" ... then watch for my own taunting tale to pop up ... maybe, just after mid-month (Shhhhh) -- you'll see.

Image Credits: Lily Childs' promo, tumblr's happy heart zinnia, wanna-be-a-cartoon-girl, Glamour Daze's ladies in slips


  1. At four I wore frilly panties from Best & Co. I thought Mommy was Superwoman.
    At sixteen, I sported sexy, eat-your-heart-out-guys bikinis. Mother was so out of touch.
    At thirty, my figure would still flaunt a thong when the occasion demanded. Mom morphed into the Goddess of Wisdom.
    At sixty, my unmentionables are sensible cotton. EEK! I'VE BECOME MY MOTHER!

    1. LADY TIGER!

      Way to let your bloomers down!
      See ~ a prime example . . . This tell-it-under-all would be posted under LUSCIOUS LINGERIE in the yearlong quest for womanly knowledge culminating in the alphabetical-anecdotal directory ~ WOMEN*LOVERS*FRIENDS & MOTHERS.

      (Next time your birthday rolls around, we'll all send you black satin!) ~ Thanks for coming to your new hangout, The Salon, for womenfolk (and Paul Brazill) with minds that keep electrifying.

      ~ Absolutely*Kate

  2. I just found this, and I I wrote it last year. I read it twice, and it made me cry. I didn't think I ever wanted to go back and relive or even think about that time, but i will share this.

    Reality Check

    The reality is that I thought I prepared myself for the worst, did the necessary homework, and was confident enough to move forward with this.

    The reality is, I didn’t know what the worst was.

    The reality is, I need to get a feeding tube put into my stomach because in about 3 weeks, I won’t be able to swallow water.

    The reality is, my neck will be so burned it will take probably longer than I have to recover.

    The reality is, this cancer was in stage four, and my doctor said that I’m fighting for my life.

    The reality is, I’m really, really, really tired.

    The reality is, I wrote a will last night explaining my wishes for the custody of my two baby daughters.

    The reality is, my three year-old keeps having temper-tantrums over stupid things, and insists on sleeping with me because she doesn’t know any other way to deal with it, and I don’t know how to help her.

    The reality is, I don’t know if I even want to do this. I mean, is it worth it? Will I actually see my girls grow up? Why can’t I stop crying?

    The reality is, I know attitude is everything, but I seem to have lost my sense of humor. I can’t seem to even fake smile right now.

    The reality is, I’ll get to watch everyone eat Christmas dinner.

    The reality is, I’ll be too tired and weak to take the girls to see Santa Claus and watch their Christmas program.

    The reality is, I’m feeling sorry for myself and I can’t help it.

  3. Just above me is the voice, the aching voice, the tired voice, the downtrodden voice of a lovely lady who had the world wallop her.

    THE NEW REALITY IS ~ You'll read of the recharge of RYN CRICKET as she journeyed Life and precious daughters . . . and the reworkings of her soft, strong soul . . . from Cleveland to Thailand . . .

    Coming up next week ... WOMEN, LOVERS, FRIENDS & MOTHERS ~

    RYN CRICKET shares ... "THE GIFT".

    ~ Absolutely*Kate, so proud to know and watch her grow

  4. And...when I think of the woman I've had the gift to come to know...brevity, while quite spectacular for lingerie, is not what comes to mind.

    But, there's nothing I could say that would convey what is here: http://www.poetryfoundation.org/poem/178942 - Phenomenal Woman, by Maya Angelou