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INTRODUCING "BREVITIES" ~ of Classy Dames in Our Salon


 " B R E V I T I E S "

Collected bits of non-fluff stuff,
a sense of Sync in ink ~

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Love lies sleeping on a white sand beach. The tide washed her up and has yet to reclaim her. Starfish and fiddler crabs loll in shallow pools or dodge plastic shovels unconcerned that love burns nearby. Fearing the riptide that could drag her to deeper waters, she longs for a safe harbor. Embraced by the dunes and warmed by the sunlight, the gull's haunting laugh taunts her but she does not stir.

Love is not lost, 
only dreaming 
and I am in her dream. 
~ CoAuthors/Friends, 
Sugar-Wendy Staley with Harry B Sanderford
playing AT THE BIJOU, once upon a mood,
plus Sugar's sweet posterous

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" Forgiveness is the economy of the heart . . . 

 forgiveness saves the expense of anger,
the cost of hatred, the waste of spirits. "

– Hannah More

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"I have white tulips now, in the kitchen, wafting out of the crockery pitcher, always seeking greater light. They dangle as well from the silver watering can at the front window, on the blue plate with a seashell. Last week, the tulips my love brought me were yellow.
I must be mellowing in my new-chapter age, for I find a fondness for soft, subtle hues wherever they bloom their statement."

~ Mother note to Daughter, in her first home,
 ~  To have flowers and love around, 
is to feel whole ... Absolutely*Kate

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
The P E R P at the
S I D E W A L K   C A F E
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"I’m tired of watching him take her hand, sneak a kiss and only guess what they are doing behind closed doors; it’s been too many years now. I’ll have to come up with a plan . . . get him out of the picture, but how will I do that?"   {continued here}

~ Author Jeanette Cheezum from THE SIDEWALK CAFE

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
T I E D   U P
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"A dame that knows the ropes

isn't likely to get tied up."

– Our guest, Ms Mae West 

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I am Zeldor! See me soar! 

Never again shall I muffle my voice or deny my choice! 

I will lead the parade in the March of Rhymes. 

I will reside in the middle of the riddle.

There can be no worse verse.

I will pine for the sublime.
But I will never be clever.
I will moan alone.
I won't try.

~ Author Madam Z from "Too Much Wine and The  God of Lust"
carouse in its entirety @ get your z's

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A Little Bit More about
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Little Katie's comic book
A little bit more . . . about Wendy and Casper,
I mean WENDY and HARRY ~ 
EBBTIDE is a cross currents production number of two of my greatest friends, the sweet, sultry Sugar, secretly played by the good little witch Wendy Staley, and the surfing cowboy Harry B Sanderford, who has no resemblance to Casper other than the ghost of a chance you'll enjoy just how friendly he can be. (And that he believes life is better with comic books). Read more Wendy here. Read more Harry there. What a pair!

 A little Bit More . . . about HANNAH MORE ~
Portrait ala Abolition Org. 

FORGIVENESS?  Hannah More had a long, lingering engagement to a British landowner which ended quite badly. The beau on the go handed Hannah a yearly stipend in apology. More than less, this funded More's freedom to move to London, write poems, plays and campaign for true education for womankind. Feminist of the 1800's, turning adversity to advantage.

Absolutely*Kate, believing
 in believers on the starboard
A little bit more . .  . about ABSOLUTELY*KATE 
MELLOW is how I heard my heart speak my mind in the time it took to walk through three rooms to water the plants and trim the tulips, marveling at how they flaunt their jaunty prelude to spring. When not in the Salon, I'm AT THE BIJOU, "Where Writers' Raves are Readers' Faves".

A little bit more . . . 
THE SIDEWALK CAFE is what happens when the kindhearted Goddess Mother of Brilliant Authors (It's what they call her aboard the good ship Harbinger*33, which you'll come to hear more of) shows how versatile her wrapping 'round words and genre can be. She went Noir. She went abroad with her Noir, did this broad. That tale and what she has to share at her words-worthy home, cavalcadeofthestars will show you how this goddess-mother author struts her stuff.

MAE WEST ~ 1933 
~ She Done Him Wrong
Capital Pictures photo @ Dazzling Divas

A Little Bit More . . . 
about our guest, MAE WEST ~

TIED UP?  Well, when she's good, she's good, and you already know when she's bad she's better. She's 'knot' one for letting any hunk of what the world spits out, tangle her up, nor bring her down. Come what Mae, she's all dame as her claim to fame goes, thus a welcome heroine to swagger the sultry for all our Salon shows.

Forgetful, messy, undisciplined
( so she says )
A Little Bit More . . . 
about MADAM Z ~ 

ZELDOR?  Tall, willowy Amazon with flame-red hair and jade-green eyes. Learn more, avoid surprise! Flourishing in lusty gardens of Lancaster, PA long past this very day. Doesn't matter if you're Thelma OR Louise, you'll want frisky ZELDA MARTIN riding shotgun. She shoots blurbs into ether @ Get-your-z's.

Happy Mardi Gras to the toast of New Orleans, The Salon's premier author dame, Kristin Fouquet ~ "Faithful Still"


~ Absolutely*Kate and

Enhancements ~ Inspiration ala Jamie Gander/pinterest ... Ebbtide ala Meta Renato ... Tulips ala Daniela Rocio ... Paris ... Coffee and Pie ala Ralph Goings

Monday, February 13, 2012

FAITHFUL STILL ~ by stunning Kristin Fouquet

By the grace of Kristin Fouquet,
author, photographer, milliner, bon vivant 

The moonlight illuminated Dahlia’s bare breasts. She remembered when Gerard used to appreciate them. Ten years ago, he thought her a goddess. Of course, he believed that she was just as beautiful, but his desire had waned.

Dahlia slid her middle finger from her chin down her long neck, remembering how his tongue had taken that same path countless times on nights long ago. Cupping her breasts the way he had, she resented her needs. She had been warned that the twenty year age difference would disappoint her one day. Time had been predictably cruel to the lovers.

Casting the sheet aside, her shapely legs were barely visible in the dark room. her mind drifted to the lustful glances of strangers and how they reassured her of her desirability. She grimaced at the unfairness of it all. At forty, she was now obsessed with pleasure. It was such a terrible turn. her interest had increased; Gerard’s had declined.

She licked two fingertips. he had been so passionate in the beginning: his tongue, his fingers, his cock. She grabbed an inner thigh in frustration. Nimble fingers worked and found the spot. They quickened as she remembered him touching her there on long trips in the car, teasing her until they had to pull over to satiate one another. Feeling the wetness, her thoughts wandered and deceived her: the neighbor across the street, Gerard’s doctor, the man with the dark eyes at the store, her brother-in-law. Yes, she knew they wanted her. Dahlia was certain she could have them; all of them, if only she let them know. They would take her. Yes, they would.

As her body quivered in relief, tears fell. Dahlia did not want any of them. The man of her dreams slept next to her. The only man she truly desired was her husband.

Gerard snored evenly.

© 2009 ~ Author Kristin Fouquet
from her first book, TWENTY STORIES
Photography ~ "EVE" ala Madame Fouquet

is our Madame Fouquet

Visit her LE SALON ANNEX and have your hat designed, while your heart and breath beat all the more softly.
Aye, there words  tango into photography so very divine. Trust me. You shall not come away quite the same person.

But then, did you wish to? 
The swirl of change
 is always the grander thrill.

"Grace of our THANKS
for your lilting Debut Tale, dear Kristin" 
~ Absolutely*Kate, with moxie, gusto
 and oh, such joie de vivre

Kristin Fouquet writes and photographs from lovely New Orleans. Her short stories and photographs have been widely published online and in print. She is the author of a collection of short literary fiction, TWENTY STORIES and RAMPART & TOULOUSE, a novella and other fine stories.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
f o o t n o t e s ~

Welcome! WOMEN, LOVERS, FRIENDS & MOTHERS is the co-creation of classy international dames sharing wit and wiles,  sensations in timeless styles to all who gather for a *clink* or a think in the honest hours of their day. "Brevity," as Dorothy Parker smiled into a smirk, "is the soul of lingerie."

Do join Our Salon.
Drop in frequently. 
Yes! Be a sharing Dame or schmooze on commentary spree!

May our Brevities be stylized moments
 for your very soul.

~ Absolutely*Kate
and Classy International Dames
( plus our good pal, Paul Brazill, author in touch with feminine side )


Photo ala Doug88888
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*Laissez Le Bon Temps Roulet . . . *

L E T   ~   T H E   ~   G O O D   ~   T I M E S   ~   R O L L   .  .  .

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"BREVITY IS THE SOUL OF LINGERIE" ~ We heard Dorothy Parker say . . .

"Brevity is the Soul of Lingerie"

Dorothy Parker flounced 

to Absolutely*Kate's favourite classy dames . . . 

Gathered they were, to wax eloquent and often ~

of feminine wit and wisdom

 and sultry secrets through their ages 

Calling Femme Authors
for brilliant Brevities on ~


In quip-stylistics of Dorothy Parker, Mae West, 
Zelda Fitzgerald, (to name a few, but YOU have your faves too)
or memorable movie-speak, lyric-croon, 
hunk of haiku, phrase o'prose, or even
proclamations your Mother bade you . . .

We wish what you can dish ~

Make it snippets and blurbs,
womanly thoughts and desires,
cool dame classic one-liners, or
sweet nothings which pack passion -
to whisper soft or yelp "ZOWIE!" in the night.


Easy. Breezy.

Sign up in THE SALON
 along the right wall.

We'll send you the full info.

You'll choose your own topics.

And the universe shall encourage
 your good goddess moxie mind
to let loose and fly fancy free.

The beguine of this fun
has just begun.

~ Absolutely*Kate,

and the imagined spirits of ~ 
Dorothy Parker, Mae West, Zelda Fitzgerald,
Wilma Flinstone, Jane Jetson, Beaver Cleaver's mother June, Richie Cunningham's mom Marion, Franny of Franny & Zooey, Katie Scarlett O'Hara, Lucy Magillicutty Ricardo, Ethel Mertz, Thelma, Louise 
. . . yeah, you get the picture.

Happy February
 Lovin' Days.

Remember to be frightened or enchanted at Lily Childs' dark presentation of the annual, well-acclaimed FEMME FATALES, goin' on and spinnin' round all the days that are February. 

Do Enjoy.  Tell Lily's gals, "Absolutely*Kate sent me!" ... then watch for my own taunting tale to pop up ... maybe, just after mid-month (Shhhhh) -- you'll see.

Image Credits: Lily Childs' promo, tumblr's happy heart zinnia, wanna-be-a-cartoon-girl, Glamour Daze's ladies in slips